CALCTP Contractor

    Advance Lighting & Electric is approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to commission all lighting controls. Advance Lighting & Electric is a approved CALCTP Certified Contractor and has certified Acceptance Test Technicians in order to serve a critically important function for ensuring high quality installation of energy efficiency lighting controls systems in California. As special inspectors, Advance Lighting & electric has certified Acceptance Test Technicians work hand-in-hand with local building departments. Building departments are legally required to receive documentation Certified Acceptance signed by a certified Acceptance Test Technicians, Acceptance Test Contractor, and originator of forms before final occupancy can be issued of any building that requires mandatory lighting controls to show compliance with Title 24.

Advance Lighting & Electric and Certified Acceptance Test Technicians adheres to the Energy Commission's requirements who perform inspections for verification of:

  • Automatic Shut offs
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Automatic Daylighting Controls
  • Demand Response
  • Outdoor Lighting

The inspections are used when complying with the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency (Title 24) Standards (effective July 1, 2014). The goal of the Acceptance Test Technician Standards is to ensure reliable energy efficiency levels in California Non-residential and to guide investment in cost-effective building energy efficiency measures.

Certification Levels for Acceptance Test Technician:

  • Indoor Lighting Controls
  • Outdoor Lighting Controls
Advance Lighting & Electric are longtime experts on energy efficiency lighting Controls. 

Commissioning lighting controls is often a critical component of the design and installation process, and can distinguish whether a project will succeed or fail. If controls are misapplied, incorrectly installed or do not perform according to design intent, users may bypass them and the owner may remove them entirely. Commissioning is a quality assurance process used to ensure proper equipment operation, user acceptance and intended energy savings in both new construction and retrofit projects.

“Benefits of commissioning include reduced energy use, lower operating costs, fewer contractor call backs, better building documentation, improved occupant productivity and verification that the systems perform in accordance with the owner’s project requirements,” according to the U.S. Green Building Council, whose LEED green building rating system requires commissioning of automatic lighting control and other building control systems.

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